Constantinos Xanthopoulos

Data Scientist ·

Problem-solving driven data scientist with a demonstrated history of developing machine learning-based solutions for achieving business goals using industrial datasets.

Industrial Experience

Machine Learning Engineer (Co-Op)

ams AG - Graz, Austria  

Developed a machine learning-based approach for the automation and improvement of the die inking process, currently performed through visual inspection and manual die selection

Summer 2018

Data Analyst (Intern)

Intel Corporation - Santa Clara, CA

Formed the basis of a layout pattern learning framework for systematic defect identification and subsequent automatic test generation. This work contributed in securing a Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) grant with the Trusted and RELiable Architectures (TRELA) lab

Summer 2016

Data Analyst (Intern)

Intel Corporation - Santa Clara, CA

Examined the IC defect database through statistical analysis & layout feature extraction and developed a layout template matching tool using existing infrastructure, which automated a previously time-consuming process

Summer 2015

Product Engineer (Co-Op)

Texas Instruments - Dallas, TX

Integrated the trimming cost-reduction methodology in the production flow, demonstrating its practicality & scalability

Summer 2014

Product Engineer (Co-Op)

Texas Instruments - Dallas, TX

Researched and developed a novel machine learning-based methodology for adaptive IC trimming, with experimental results showing a 50% reduction in trimming time

Summer 2013


The University of Texas at Dallas - Richardson, TX

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Engineering
Thesis Title: "Applications of Machine Learning in Test Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement”
December 2019 (Expected)

The University of Texas at Dallas - Richardson, TX

Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Engineering
December 2019 (Expected)

University of Piraeus - Athens, Greece

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science
December 2012


Conference Papers

  • C. Xanthopoulos, K. Huang, A. Poonawala, A. Nahar, B. Orr, J. Carulli, Y. Makris, "IC Laser Trimming Speed-Up through Wafer-level Spatial Correlation Modeling," Proceedings of the IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), 2014 
  • A. Ahmadi, C. Xanthopoulos, A. Nahar, B. Orr, M. Pas, Y. Makris, "Harnessing Process Variations for Optimizing Wafer-Level Probe-Test Flow," Proceedings of the IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), 2016 
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  • C. Xanthopoulos, P. Sarson, H Reiter, Y. Makris, "Automated Die Inking: A Pattern Recognition-Based Approach," Proceedings of the IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), 2017 
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  • D. Neethirajan, C. Xanthopoulos, K. Subramani, K. Schaub, I. Leventhal, Y. Makris, "Machine Learning-based Noise Classification and Decomposition in RF Transceivers," IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS), 2019 
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Journal Articles

  • K. Huang, N. Kupp, C. Xanthopoulos, J. M. Carulli Jr., Y. Makris, "Low-Cost Analog/RF IC Testing through Combined Intra- and Inter-Die Correlation Models," Special Issue on Speeding up Analog Integration and Test for Mixed-signal SOCs of the IEEE Design & Test of Computers (D\&T), 2015 
  • C. Xanthopoulos, Y. Makris, "On Improving Hotspot Detection Through Synthetic Pattern-Based Database Enhancement," Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), 2019 (In Revision)

Book Chapters

  • A. Elfadel, D. Bonning and X. Li (Editors), "Machine Learning in VLSI Computer-Aided Design," Springer, 2018 (C. Xanthopoulos, K. Huang, A. Ahmadi, N. Kupp, J. Carulli, A. Nahar, B. Orr, M. Pass and Y. Makris, "Gaussian Process-Based Wafer-Level Correlation Modeling and its Applications") (invited)